Hello from Kotka, Finland! We are Poltinmerkki and we are very pleased to meet you at our homepage. Thank you for a stopping by! Our mission is to provide you some visions and thoughts about our creator, almighty heavenly God by means of a hard, raw and stern rock/metal music, with industrial-influences.  

The line-up of our group has been variating during our existence. Current line-up consists: Janne Virtanen (vocals, guitars), Ari Viren (drums) and Ville Viuhko (bass guitar). Also Sauli Paukkonen, as an “studio-line up member”  is a part of a band.

The band has released a debut-album “Askel eteenpäin” in 2015 and also some singles and EP:s. In 2023 We release our second studio-album “Steel Star”.

Each of us carries his own load, own weakness, own sin, own mark which cannot be removed.

Stay blessed!