Each of us carries his own load, own weakness, own sin, own mark which cannot be removed.

Our main goal is tell you, honourable listener, what can be a life of a christian person, when it show’s the worst and best sides of it. We woul’d like to tell you about the God,
and about the mercy, which He shows us. This mercy is our weapon against the original sin, which effects on us already in the very beginning of life. By means of this mercy, we can once achieve that paradise, where is no more pain.


Since 2002 in Kotka, Finland acts a christian band which is called Poltinmerkki. In the beginning, the line-up of the band was little bit other, but in 2002 the line-up stabilized on current.

In 2004 band recorded a demo cd, which concidered 8 songs. Demo was used mainly to get some opportunities to play a live. After recording demo-disc, band made some new arrangements and
when these was finalized, band decided go again in to the studio. The result of this studio-session we know as a “Syytön”. After this, some members of a band suffered some critical exchanges in live outside of the band. This had some effects on the musicial delivery of a band. The music became more “brutal” and heavy. On a single-cd, puplished 2009, you can hear influences of this transformation.

2015 “Askel eteenpäin” takes own place in music stores and in christian music culture. The disc is very actual and handles questions, which everyone of us think’s in some state of
our journey.

Janne Virtanen – vocals, guitar
Ari Viren – drums
Ville Viuhko – bass
Sauli Paukkonen – keys (in studio line-up)


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